Banco Popolare di Lodi

Project Description

  • Committente: Banca Popolare di Lodi
  • Localit√†: Lodi
  • Progetto: Renzo Piano Building Workshop
  • Categoria:

Descrizione progetto

The complex develops on more floors for 328,000 cubic metres and covers a total surface of 90,000 square metres. The work is composed of a homogeneous-front building, which is completely covered in brickwork and has two side wings along the main street and a large inner square marked by the presence of cylindrical volumes and protected by a tensostructure of approximately 1,500 square metres in steel cables and glass. A large circular auditorium having 1,000 seats is located in the square. Besides housing the headquarters of the Bank and the auditorium, the complex houses shops, restaurants and a car park having 300 parking places.