In order to pursue a sustainable development model for the whole organization, Colombo Costruzioni adopted different national and international standard approaches.

The commitment of Colombo Costruzioni, as it is clearly declared both in the Company Policy and in the Code of Ethics, aims at respecting its core values, and distinguishes the company from the rest of the market.

Colombo has a “Rating di Legalità” equal to a 3 STARS, and during year 2016 it implemented an Organization, Management and Control Model as foreseen under Legislative Decree 231/01 in relation to company responsibility.

The constant pursue of planning and technological solutions able to deliver higher results in terms of environmental sustainability found its utmost expression in the creation of projects certified by the most important authorities in the field.

CasaClima: “Le Albere”  residential complex in Trento

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design):

  • Platinum – The Gate (General Electrics, Milan)
  • Gold – La Nuvola (Lavazza, Turin)
  • Gold – Porta Nuova Garibaldi (Unicredit, Milan)
  • Gold – MUSE (Trento)
  • Gold – Torre Allianz (Allianz, Milan)
  • Gold – SKY (Sky Italia, Milan)
  • Gold – Bosco Verticale (Milan)

As testimony to its attentiveness dedicated to its development, Colombo Costruzioni has implemented an Integrated Management System for the achievement of the UNI certifications in compliance with the standards in force

Quality UNI ISO 9001

Health & Safety UNI ISO 45001

Environment UNI ISO 14001