Bosco Verticale

Project Description

  • CustomerHines Italia SGR
  • Località: Milano
  • Progetto: Boeri Studio
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Descrizione progetto

"Bosco verticale" rises inside Porta Nuova Isola district of Milan and it represents the perfect synthesis between architecture and sustainability; an architectural and design idea achieved by Colombo Costruzioni for Hines Italia SGR Spa. The Boeri Studio’s project consists in a first 26-story residential tower, a second 18-story tower for residential purposes as well, a 9-story office lower building and, finally, a set of 4-story apartments; upon completion of the project there is the park of 7,000 s.m. of public space and three -story underground garages and utility rooms. A charming environment in the Bosco verticale is given by the 800 trees, from 3 to 9 meters high – over 4,000 shrubs and 15,000 groundcover - distributed on the two residential towers. Built according to the prestigious environmental LEED Gold certification – represents a unique experiment that led Milan and Italy to rank among the five finalists of the architecture prize, the Highrise Award 2014, sponsored by the Museum of Architecture in Frankfurt, that every two years awards the two most beautiful and innovative skyscrapers in the world, this project was proclaimed as the winner.