Torre Allianz

Project Description

Descrizione progetto

The Allianz Tower forms, with the other two towers designed by Zaha Hadid and Daniel Libeskind, the heart of the major redevelopment project of the former Fiera Campionaria area in Milan, called CityLife Business & Shopping Center, covering an area of 360.000 square meters and it includes homes, offices, shops and services immersed in a park of 180.000 square metres. The Allianz Tower - nicknamed “The Straight One” – is a building of 50 floors that rises to the height of 202 metres above ground level and it has a surface area of approximately 53 thousand square meters. It is made up of prefabricated triple glazed cells in cold bent low iron glass. Colombo Costruzioni SpA has been awarded, in its capacity as General Contractor, the executive design and the construction of the Isozaki Tower. From the structural point of view, the design is characterized by the use of two Belt trusses in steel to connect the cores at the 24th floor in order to limit movement at the top of the building due to wind pressure, and by four struts, equipped at their bases with viscous dampers, that guarantee user comfort in this building which is very narrow in section.