Vetra Building

Project Description

Descrizione progetto

The Vetra Building is located on Via della Chiusa 2, Milan, and overlooks Piazza della Vetra. Besides the wonderful view of the beautiful Basilica of San Lorenzo, the intervention will give a new connotation of the use of the spaces, which will welcome multifunctional activities. The architectural restoration project of the Vetra Building provides for the redevelopment of the building that will have dual uses: offices and retail spaces. The complex is composed of two constructions: ‘ building A’ and ‘building B’ of approximately 25,000 square meters with dedicated entrances, six floors of offices and two basements floors which house parking lots for 80 cars and 22 motorbikes, storage areas and technical rooms. The project also provides the creation of a food district: a comfortable people-friendly area available to citizens. At the source of this architectural and urban redevelopment project lays the need to open the future Vetra Building to the city rather than using it only for offices, in order to contribute to the urban regeneration of a degraded neighborhood. The buildings will be connected through an internal courtyard that will provide new pedestrian accesses and direct access to both the park and the retail floor where restaurants and bars will be located. The complex will be fully redeveloped in Grade A and LEED Gold certificated.